2.4G 12 channel high power 12V tank grab excavator robot remote control & receiver

2.4G 12 channel high power 12V tank grab excavator robot remote control & receiver board
* 12 channels of high power, you can  control 6 pcs high power motor
* Relay switch module control high-power motor, safe unlimited
* The motor can accept 1-12V, the maximum current can accept 10A
* 2.4G remote control distance of about 30 meters
* Remote control about two joysticks, suitable for left and right drive the car or boat, tanks, excavators, crawler robots, etc.
Product parameters:
Remote control frequency: 2.4G
Number of channels: high power 12 , control 6 motors
Size: long, wide, high 95 * 100 * 100 mm
Weight: 432g
High power principle: relay switch type
Two-way power supply:
Remote control circuit: 4 AA batteries
High power input: 1-12V, maximum 10A
* Relay line connection is complex, most people difficult to complete, use the time need to be careful line off
* High power means that the large voltage, large voltage is a big risk, this product allows the maximum voltage of 12V, not allowed to modify the product at will
* The choice of battery must be careful, because this switch-type high-power remote control, in fact, is equivalent to the motor and the battery directly connected to the middle without any circuit conversion, so to ensure that your battery can be high-power output, or may cause damage to the battery Or the battery is on fire
* Electronic product modification is at risk, non-professional operation is strictly prohibited
1, put battery to remote control and receiver battery
2, switch on remote control and receiver
3, keep close, once the remote control red LED Keep on, that mean them in pair.