6 DOF robot arm robot abb industrial robot model six-axis robot 1 SNAM700

① The baby design concept from ABB palletizing robot, the same principle structure, range of motion is greater than other similar arm.
② frame material selection thickened hard aluminum alloy CNC machining, do not take other than store materials, material thickness different.
③ arm using three MG996R full metal gear servos, and a MG90S metal gear servos.
④ bearing all the moving joints using high quality links, the use of total joint bearing 13, better performance.
⑤ After the machine arm the MPU plus a fixed base, with the arm movement, even more convenient and beautiful.
⑥ The baby design size and accuracy, especially suitable for teaching and testing.
The base is made of high quality steel arm ⑦ large bearing fixed, fixed base machine movement arm no longer shaking, bearing better performance.
⑧ product comes standard with clamp fixed disk, the user can continue to DIY sucker electromagnet, forks, gripper, gripper and other raw materials, according to the characteristics of
Note that all packages are shipped in parts, users need to self-assemble commissioning (assembly instructions provided)