6DOF controlled 6-axis parallel-mechanism laser cut arduino kit robot arm SNAM100


List of shipments accessories:


  • MG996R  servo*6(full set contains,frame not)
  • Structual frame*1
  • Bearings
  • All necessary screws
  • Arduino Controller UNO R3*1
  • Extension board*1
  • Power switch (5V 4A)*1






  •  Simulate real palletizing robot arm structure
  •  PVC material, CNC processing
  •  Adopts MG996 60g metal gear servo 4pcs
  •  Active joint bearing connection


 Controller Specifications:


  •  Digital I/O port 0~13
  •  Analog I/O port 0~5
  •  Support USB interface protocol and power supply
  •  Support ISP download function
  •  Support single chip TX/RX terminals
  •  Support USB to TTL TX/RX terminals
  •  Support AREF terminals
  •  Support 6 PWM terminals
  •  Input voltage: USB power supply or external 7-12V DC input
  •  Output voltage: 5V DC output/3.3V DC and external power input
  •  Adopts Atmel Atmega328P-PU
  •  Size: 70*54mm




MG996R  55g Servo Specifications:


  •  Size: 40.7*19.7*42.9mm
  •  Working torque: 9.4-13kg/cm
  •  Respond rotation speed: 53-62R/M
  •  Working temperature: -30~+60°C
  •  Dead zone: 5us
  •  Plug: JR, Tutaba
  •  Rotation angle: 180 degree
  •  Analog sero
  •  Working current: 100mA
  •  Working voltage: 5-7.2V
  •  Metal gear, coreless motor, two ball bearing
  •  Operation speed: 0.17s/60degree(4.8V); 0.14S/60degree(6.0V)


SG90 9G servo specifications:


  •  Size: 23*12.2*29mm
  •  Weight: 9g
  •  Working torque: 1.6kg/cm
  •  Respond rotation speed: 0.12-0.13s/60degree
  •  Working temperature: -30~+60 degree
  •  Dead zone: 5ms
  •  Plug: JR, Tutaba
  • Rotation angle: 180 degree
  •  Analog sero
  •  Working current: 100mA
  •  Working voltage: 3.5-6V
  •  Metal gear


PS: Finished stack robot is in defualt. If you need seperated parts , plz contact with us first.