All-terrain rubber track wheel robot chassis military truck 4WD climbing DIY modified car kit


  • Tracked car structure, strong passability, wide application range

  • Rubber track can be used outdoors and indoors

  • Four-drive transmission structure drive, durable and not easy to damage

  • Each wheel has good shock absorption stability

  • Complete accessories for expansion

Product Name: Military Truck Chassis Kit

Model: SN7000

Weight: 710g

Color: Army Green

Size: 338x135x147mm

Load capacity: 2KG

Tires: All Terrain Track Wheels

Body shock absorption: independent reinforced leaf spring

Steering system: high torque steering gearbox

Steering motor: 130 motor 3-8v

Power motor: 180 motor 4-8v

Body light: LED highlights double headlights

Control Method:

Steering: Turn on the DC power and start turning, change the positive and negative poles, turn in the opposite direction, and return to the center with power failure.

Power: DC power is turned on, forward and reverse, change the positive and negative poles, start to retreat

Shipping list:

1 all-terrain crawler wheel chassis kit

Note: This is a chassis kit without control circuitry