Arduino 4dof Acrylic Robotic Mechanical Arm Economic Kit SN1900

product description
       This is a classic 4 degrees of freedom machinery. This is an economical, powerful, easy-to-use arduino robotic learning kit. The kit is suitable for college students, high school students use. Control board using the international  arduino UN R3 , on Internet has a lot of learning materials, easy to learn and use.
About control:
       Control is also very simple, with four knobs to control the movement of each potentiometer. With USB connected to the computer, you can send commands through the serial port to control the movement of the steering gear. At the same time compatible with other computer control software, also supports their own write procedures, the implementation of fixed repetitive action.
About assembling
       The product expansion board, need own hands welding. Acrylic components need to be patient, we provide a online tutorial guide. The original knob control program we have already uploaded.
and we provide code download.
Who is suitable for the purchase of this kit
    College students certainly suitable, for high school students is no problem, social entrepreneurs are no problem. Middle school students choose carefully, primary school students do not recommend buying.
Why is it called the economy?
   This is a very economical and complete mechanical arm, do not need to buy any other accessories can be used, the price is cheap.
Learn the use of arduino
Learning potentiometer control steering gear
Understand the control principle of the robotic arm
Product List:
A set of acrylic cutting parts + fixing screws
A arduino uno r3 development board (China version)
A potentiometer control board (need to own welding)
A 5V 2A power adapter
4 sg90 steering gear