Arduino Tank chassis Metal Robot non-skid rubber belt track RC car vehicle SN5700

Description: This tank chassis is nice and delicate, firm and stable, with its body made by full metal and 4 powerful motors pulling it.

The tank chassis has the function to go forward and back, turn left and right and circle around in the same place.

Non-skid rubber belt track will ensure it operating smoothly and steadily on the slick or rough road.

The whole chassis platform is wide and flat, which provides enough spaces for you to fix control circuit and load heary objects.
The pores on the chassis are on the basis of the robot arm’s mounting holes. All the robot arms can be installed in the chassis.

You can control the left and right motors’ speed and make the car go straight or turn a corner.

Product parameter
Size: 273mm*167mm*60mm(length*width*height)
Material: Metal 
Working voltage: 9~18v
green line: motor positive pole
yellow line: motor negative pole
blue, brown and white: encoder