new start SINONING

few days ago, our store sinoning has breakdown, we were using shopify service, but get problem.

and we have lost our data, i am so said. but what can i do?

i think it is time for change, now we are using woocommerce, it with wordpress.

looks it better than shopify.

Through woocommerce and wordpress, we can do more. such as forum, document for arduino robot, etc.

we have install a module for prodcut page, let it able to provide function for ask. so people can ask question easily.

now, we have more than 1000 product online, it will be more and more. my target is 100000.

what we want do? we want provide top service for maker diy.

what mean top service? top quality, low price, easy to buy.

but, how we can provide this?

first, we will provide large kind of products, to meet make`s need.

such as, electronic componmnet, electronic module, arduino devolope board, motor shield, motors, car chassis, tank chassis, robot arm, servos, gear motors.

how you like.