Supper big Robot Tank Chassis Crawler platform henglong 3818 large suspension SN2000

Supper big Robot Tank Chassis Crawler  Smart robot platform henglong 3818 damping suspension SN2000

Model: SN2000
  1. Tank is very large, relatively ample surface space, suitable for installation of various equipment
  2. 380 strong motor powe
  3. In imitation of Tiger tanks during World War II Germany famou
  4. Easy to repair, all accessories can be get from our stor
  5. Track is relatively wide, grip is goo
  6. Relatively large, suitable for loa
  7. Independent suspension design, each wheel can rise and fall alon
  8. Wheels, wave boxes, tracks can be upgraded to all metal



Weight: 1315g
Size: 37cm*22cm*7.5 (length width height)
Motor: 380 motor
Rated voltage: 7.4v
Using voltage: 3-9v
The engineer’s words:
This chassis is very suitable for use as a robot chassis, good workmanship, all parts can be purchased for easy maintenance. Compared to other metal chassis, this is much cheaper, and according to the real war tanks imitation, performance is relatively stable, not easy to bad, surface space is relatively large, easy to install mechanical arm and other large equipment. Because the tank itself is relatively large, so even if the installation of large equipment, still can maintain a balance.