Where can I buy cheap Henglong remote control tank accessories?

  The Henglong tank belongs to a high-end toy tank.
The common 1 to 16, 3818 and 3838 are very common. There are many parts of Henglong tanks that are exclusive. The tanks are relatively large and realistic, and military enthusiasts prefer.
Heng long tank, the whole body is useful, almost every part can be bought, it is very suitable for DIY modification, and you have a sense of accomplishment.
However, Henglong tank accessories are generally more expensive, why is it more expensive? Mainly because of the small sales of accessories, the merchants have to sell more expensive in order to survive.
But I know that there is a place where you can buy cheap Henglong tank accessories.
Why is their home cheaper?
Because they have multiple platforms for sales, and the world sells at the same time, as a result, the products with low sales volume have become more global, and the operating costs of the operators are naturally reduced, and the final product price is cheaper.
This is a SINONING